Applying false eyelashes isn’t easy, especially on yourself. You can’t see what your doing, your eye starts watering, and next thing you know you’ve glued your eye shut. True story. Over time, I’ve found a technique that makes it a breeze to master the false eyelash application.

Step 1

Pick your pair of lashes and measure them to your eye. Most false eyelashes are made too long, so your going to want to trim them to fit your eye shape. This will prevent the inner corners from poking you, and the outer corners looking like they’re dragging your eyes down.

Pro tip: If you’re applying lashes for the first time, look for a pair with a thin band. Thinner bands are easier to bend and manipulate to your eye shape, and they blend in better.

Step 2

Apply your lash glue. No, don’t just glob it on and stick it to your eye. You want to apply the glue in a thin line, adding a little bit extra on this inner and outer corners. Next, you want to let the glue dry for about 30 seconds so it gets tacky. This prevents the glue from being too wet and moving all over the place. To make your application easier, try a brush on lash adhesive. My favorites are from Duo or House of Lashes.

Step 3

Apply your lashes. Looking down into a mirror, use your fingers or a pair of tweezers to put your lashes as close to the lash line as you can. Start by placing your lashes in the middle of your eye, then tucking in the corners. If it’s hard to get the inner corner, slightly pull your to see better and attach the lash. Next, use your fingers or to squeeze together the false lashes and your natural ones to get them as close to your lash line as possible.

Step 4

Use a eyeliner or eyeshadow to blend the lash strip and mattify any of the shiny lash glue. It also helps to tightline, or line the upper water line of your eye, so there are no gaps and the lashes look seamless. If you notice a disconnect from the inner corners of your eyes, thinly line them until you reach the lash band so everything flows together.

Now you can admire your gorgeous lashes in the mirror and take a million selfies. Practice and patience makes perfect, especially when it comes to falsies. I hope these tips on how to apply false lashes help!

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