Scroll through Instagram and you’ll see a common theme among some of the biggest makeup artists and beauty influencers: 60’s inspired makeup.

60’s makeup was all about playing up the eyes. Floating eyeliner, a contoured crease, and lots of lashes were all the rave – and it’s coming back. Here are some modern ways you can incorporate 60’s makeup into your next look.


No, I’m not talking about the 2016 glitter half cut creases we saw everywhere a few years ago. Something more refined and classic. To get this look, start with a transition shade following your crease, and slowly build up the color with darker browns and keep a clean line between your crease and your lid. You can keep it neutral, but on’t be afraid to play with color on the lid for a more fun look. I’ve seen a ton of these looks done by celebrity MUAs like Ash K Holm and Nikki Makeup.


You rarely ever see people rocking some bottom lashes unless its for a photoshoot or the runway, but brands are starting to come out with lashes specifically for your lower lash line. Check these ones out from Tati Lashes. You can also use extra short individual lashes instead.


Not the real natural, the no makeup-makeup look. Hippies first started playing around with makeup in the 60s. They typically wore their makeup softer, focusing on more natural beauty. The natural trend has been huge this year – with woman letting their freckles show through & focusing on skin rather than makeup. Brands like Milk Makeup and Glossier are perfect for this.


While the hippies went for a natural look, they loved their face and body paint. I’m not saying go and paint your whole face and run errands (unless you want to), but play around with color and color blocking on your eyes! Some fun colored winged eyeliner is a fun and simple way to add color in your routine.

Twiggy 60's makeup

How do you feel about the current makeup trend? I personally love it. 60’s makeup has an intense yet elegant feel to it that I can’t wait to incorporate in more of my looks. Let me know if you would/have tried any of these looks in the comments below!