One of the biggest requests I get as a makeup artist is to teach people how to do eyeliner. I get it, it can be tricky. No one wants to go in with an intense black and ruin all the hard work spent on their eyeshadow with a mistake. I have a few techniques that I use for myself and on clients to make it just a bit easier.

Start with eyeshadow

I usually pick a dark brown or a black with an angled eyeliner brush to start. It helps give you a guide, and if you make a little mistake it’s much easier to blend out an eyeshadow than remove an intense black liner. Sometimes I’ll do this on its own, pop on a pair of lashes, and skip the eyeliner all together for a softer look.

Layer your products

When you layer multiple products, you get a lot more depth. I use powders, pencils, gels, and liquid liners together sometimes to ensure I get the darkest, most intense, and defined eyeliner. I’ll use a darker eyeshadow, then a creamy pencil liner for a smokey look or a gel liner for a defined look, and top it all off with a dark, matte liquid liner to ensure its as intense as I want it to be.

Have a steady surface

Rest your elbow on a steady surface while doing your eyeliner for more stability. I rest my hand on my vanity and look down into a mirror so I can really see what I’m doing.

Play around with what works for you

Practice makes perfect. Take your time to find out what tools and products are easiest for you. Do you like to use an angled eyeliner brush or a precise eyeliner brush? Or both for different parts of your eye? This also goes hand in hand with figuring out what looks best for your eyeshape, whether its fully lined, a wing, half wing, etc.

Eyeliner can be hard but these tips should hopefully help make it a bit easier. Just take your time with it, practice, and I promise anyone can do it!


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