Creams are my personal favorite medium to use. I find them easier to blend, and they move with the skin better than powders, looking as if the makeup is part of the skin rather than a layer sitting on top. They can also be used in many parts of your makeup routine, and certain products have multiple uses making them extremely versatile. Keep reading to see how you can use cream products like a pro makeup artist.

ON THE EYES: Using a cream eyeshadow base gives your eyeshadow a great base to stick to, and makes layering that much easier. You can also use a creamy eyeliner as a base, and blend it out as well. The key is to focus the product on the are you want most of the pigment, and blend the product outward to create a beautiful gradient. Pro tip: you can use your cream eyeshadow to create the shape you want your eye look, and if you don’t love something, the product is easier to remove and try again.

ON THE FACE: Cream contour is something most people who know my makeup know I love, but my latest obsession is cream blushes. They give you a totally natural looking flush – and again, it looks like part of your skin. My favorite product lately is the Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek Stick. For contour: focus the product more towards the hairline and slowly blend inward for a natural, yet defined, finish. For blush: get a bit of product on a fluffy angled brush and lightly dab the brush on your cheeks for a gorgeous flush.

In regards to versatility, you can use your cream contour on your eyes as a transition shade, or your cream blush as a lip color to give you a cohesive and monochromatic finish. Cream products have endless uses and can really bring a makeup look together. And as always, don’t forget to set your face properly to ensure your makeup lasts all day!