If our eyes are the windows to our soul, then our eyebrows are their frames. With that being said, they are a pretty important part of our face, and should be treated as such. There have been many eyebrow trends throughout the years, from super arched, pencil thin, and now, the most recent trend: full, thick, and youthful eyebrows.

It’s every woman’s dream (and some men too!) to wake up in the morning and have beautiful, groomed, and full eyebrows. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for everyone. I am fortunate enough to have very thick, caterpillar eyebrows (a feature I hated growing up, but I am now very grateful for). Even so, I know I still wake up every morning – and even if I’m not wearing makeup – I’ll reach for my eyebrow pencil to fill in some sparse areas. Here are some of my tips to have envy worthy brows.

Put the tweezers down. Yes, I’m talking to you. We’ve all been there before, whether we thought we could get the perfect shape ourselves, or went to a someone who went just a little bit too thin. If its your first time ever shaping your brows, I recommend going to a specialist, they will know what shape matches your face best.  If you’ve already over-plucked, I know its hard, but try to leave your brows alone – this is the surest way your shape will grow back. Generally, the hairs should grow back anywhere from 3-4 weeks, but this can be different for everyone. 

The first step to getting a bold, feathery brow is soap. Yes, you read that right. This is an old Hollywood trick- and it works! If you’re familiar with brow lamination, it gives a very similar effect. All you need is a mascara spoolie, a bar of soap, and a little bit of water. Wet your soap, then swirl your spoolie into it, and start brushing your brows upward. It gives a feathery, Cara Delevingne effect to your brows while holding them in place all day.

Now for my favorite part, filling in the brows. One of my favorite products is the Sania’s Brow Bar Angled Mechanical Pencil. The key is to not go super dark, 2-3 shades lighter if you have dark hair or 2-3 shades darker if you have light hair. I like to use my pencil first to get a general shape and fill in the sparse areas. Use a very light hand with short, hair-like strokes. You want to enhance your shape, not create a whole new one. Every so often I’ll brush my brows with a spooley to blend and soften the strokes for a more natural look. After I’ve done that, I like to focus on the arch and tail of my brow with a brow powder. Lately I’ve been loving Tamnova Cosmetics brow powder in the shade mink. 

Lastly, I outline right under the arch of my brow with concealer. I use any concealer brush and a shade a bit lighter than my skin tone, it adds a nice highlighted effect and emphasizes the arch of the brow.  I also use the same concealer as an eye shadow base, which cuts one product out of the many I use on a daily basis.

And there you have it. Those are my go to steps for a perfect brow. Would you try the soap trick? Comment below if you have/haven’t and what you think!

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