Nothing is worse than going to a beauty counter to buy a foundation only to go home and find that the foundation color the sales associate helped you pick out is definitely NOT your color. Color matching foundation is tricky, there are so many different shades, undertones, and some brands may not even have your exact color. Here are some tips on helping you pick out the right foundation next time you take a trip to Sephora.


COOL UNDERTONES: People with cool undertones generally have more of a pink/peach/beige hue to their skin. Look at the veins on your wrist, if you have cool undertones the veins will appear blue. 

WARM UNDERTONES: People with warm undertones have a yellow/golden/olive hue to their skin. Look at the veins on your wrist, if you have warm undertones the veins will appear green.

NEUTRAL UNDERTONES: People with neutral undertones don’t have hues that go one way or the other. They are typically right in the middle of the pink-yellow spectrum. Look at the veins of your wrist, if you have neutral undertones the veins will appear teal. 


The most important part of color matching is choosing the correct area on your skin to test the foundation. Many times people will try to match their foundation to their neck, but your neck is usually paler than the rest of your body. Test your shade on your chest near your collar bone. The correct color match should disappear right into your skin. You should always blend your foundation down your neck so there are no awkward lines and you have a flawless finish. 


Sometimes the foundation shade your wearing can look amazing in the store, but then you step outside and you have an orange streak on your face. Testing your shade in different lightings is super important and natural lighting works best for this! Natural lighting will magnify any imperfection in your makeup – especially the wrong shade of foundation.


If you’re ever in doubt and in between shades – go with the darker shade. You can blend out a shade thats a bit too dark and after concealer and hi-lighting, it will end up being a pretty good match. A color that’s too light on the other hand, can end up looking chalky, cakey, and forget about taking any good pictures!

With neutral undertones, if you cannot find a good neutral shade, lean towards a warmer shade. Warmer tones tend to be more flattering if you’re between shades while going with a shade that’s too pink-hued can end up looking ashy.