We all want our makeup to last as long as possible, don’t we? The key to that is usually setting with a face powder, but if over applied or applied incorrectly that can lead to a cake face – trust me, I’ve learned that the hard way. Here comes my savior, the Morphe Continuous Setting Mist ($16)

First, lets talk a little bit about why setting sprays are important. Their main purpose is to set the makeup at the very end of the application to melt all the creams, liquids, and powders together into the skin and make them last all day. I personally use them for a variety of steps in my makeup routine, like adding moisture to my face after cleansing and before moisturizing, spraying my face after applying powders, using them before applying highlight to help the glow pop more, and spraying my brush before applying a shimmer eyeshadow for more pigment.

I’ve been using the Morphe setting mist for about a month now and I’ve already purchased two more – I’m that obsessed! What sets this apart from any of the other sprays I’ve used is the way it sprays. It comes out as more of a fine mist than a spray so you don’t get weird wet spots on your face like other setting sprays tend to do. For some reason the mist feels a little bit more luxurious – which is ironic because the price runs on the lower end of the spectrum for setting sprays.

The product smells amazing, helps your makeup last all day, and gives you a radiant glow to your makeup application. Do you guys use setting sprays? Comment your favorite one below!

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